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Nikki Lynn Tomotherapy program


Patient Services
Micro soultions

We are a patient’s best friend.  We offer an individual advocacy service for patients going through the cancer process.  We can guide and support you without bias from any institution or treatment type. Oncology Design will review and coordinate the best approach for your diagnosis from the appropriate test, to the most efficient treatment course with the least side effects.  We will suggest the closest and most applicable treatment resource for your situation. We assist in testing, both in diagnosis and in following your results through the years.  Our goal is to have our patients avoid the conflicts, delays, and confusion often associated with modern medicine.  We believe in the golden rule of “your first chance is your best chance”. Have the comfort of a Board Certified Oncologist in the family and at your disposal.

Please contact us. We are here to help.


Professional Services
Macro Solutions


We offer a wide variety of services. We can do as much or as little as you need. All of our offerings are fully customized to fit your needs and the needs of your patients.

Design and Construction Coordination

Building Design and Construction Coordination are the core aspects of our services. We can manage the details of construction which is often complex and expensive. Oncology Design has the experience in the correct procedures and order in which things are done. We can coordinate the design and construction along with the implementation  of your equipment to get you operational in the safest and most efficient  manner.


We can coordinate the installation of the equipment to get you up and running faster. We will make sure the installation is done properly following all regulatory and safety protocols.

Clinical Protocols and other services

Oncology Design can outline various clinical protocols to assist you with the successful implementation of your new system. From documentation to patient procedures, our experience has taught us the best practices that will get you up and running quickly and efficiently.   We also can set up and construct your billing system for new techniques to keep you in compliance and improve your relationship with all payers.  Doing it right means reaping the rewards of your investment.

Training for Physicians, Therapists, Nursing and Office Support

Training says it all. We can train your medical professionals on how to operate and integrate your technology into your practice. We have training programs for all of your medical professionals and office staff. The equipment isn’t the whole story.  It is how you use it.

Guidelines and Protocols for Billing with Proper Documentation

The most important aspect of our services is the billing training and establishment of guidelines.  Documentation is more important than ever in changing insurance requirements for compliance. This is often an overlooked area. It is important that charges and billing are done correctly so all services can be correctly submitted and reimbursed.


Through technology we improve quality of care and decrease costs of outdated management. Yesterday’s network just doesn’t serve us with the new technology.  Learn how the newest potentials can increase your capabilities and save you money.

Market Evaluation

Through evaluation of any market, we can help design and direct an approach for growth and advancement.  We design programs ready for the future without guesswork or delays. We work with you to identify resources and assets to advance your program.  We advise on the optimum approach to making your practice the best in the region and ready for the future.  The new world of Cancer Treatment allows for innovative partnership and specialty cooperation.  We can help make you the leaders in comprehensive combined modality care.

Community Service and Education

Part of every medical practice is community service, education and outreach. We can design and promote programs to suit your target audience. We bring the community to you. We carve a niche for your practice into the community and build support, understanding and loyalty.

TomoTherapy Registry


We have developed the TomoTherapy Registry to document aspects of care utilizing TomoTherapy techniques. Using this database we can follow the progress of treatments across patient populations as well as identify new and creative ways to utilize this technology. It is our desire to have all users participate to unlock the potential of this tool.


Department Design and Patient Flow

We design oncology departments with optimum patient flow in mind. Efficient and precise workflow is important for the success of any practice. Our strategies allow you to operate in the most efficient manner possible.


Documentation is crucial for all aspects of your business. We can help you develop documentation standards to assist with all of your needs. We enusure your compliance in all areas of documentation.